Tips To Remodel Your Facebook Email Address


Tips To Remodel Your Facebook Email Address

Wavin Blogger - Facebook launches often change without notice, so sometimes criticized for users. Social networking giant's latest move is to change a user's email with without prior notice.

As a result, many users are upset with the step up. Moreover, the new Facebook email is also making contacts in the phone user's email address associated with your Facebook account become a mess.

Reporting from PC World, Thursday (7/12/2012), if you do not want to use the email addresses of Facebook, then here are some tips to do it:

1. Facebook users access account profile page and click onto the timeline.

2. After that, the user must click the "About" which is located under the profile photo.

3. When the page "About" opens, scroll down the page until the user finds the "Contact Info". If the box is visible email address changed to be, then you can continue by clicking "Edit".

4. Then you will see there are two email addresses, the primary email address and email addresses of Facebook. If you want to use your primary email address, then have to click a circle beside the image.

Previously, when you mouse over the circle, then choose the caption "Shown on Timeline". As for the address, you can choose the caption "Hidden from Timeline". You can also do the opposite, depending on what the desired email address.

5. After making sure you choose the email address you want displayed in your profile, click on "Save" to save the changes that have been made in setting up your account.

Are you interested in the email address to reset your facebook account? Good luck.