Amanda Todd Commits Suicide After Persistent Bullying Video


Canada was in uproar Friday over a 15-year-old little girl UN agency was found dead, a comprehensible suicide, 5 weeks once she uploaded a video to YouTube describing years of bullying that drove her to medicine and alcohol.

Coroner Barb McLintock aforementioned Thursday night that preliminary indications recommend British Columbia woman, Amanda Todd, killed herself. Her faculty district's spokesperson, Cheryl Quinton, confirmed the woman within the video was her.

In the 9-minute video denote on Sept. 7, the 10th-grader and cheerleader did not speak however told her story in haunting detail in a very series of written notes that she delayed to the camera.

She aforementioned she was lured by a intruder to reveal her breasts on a digital camera and therefore the image finished au courant a Facebook page created by the intruder, to that her friends were adscititious.

She wrote of being plunged into anxiety, depression, medicine and alcohol. She aforementioned she modified colleges however associate degree encounter with another girl's lover started the bullying once more, that this point escalated into a physical attack during which she aforementioned she was overwhelmed.

When she got home, she wrote, she drank bleach. "It killed Pine Tree State within and that i thought I really was aiming to die."

She was rush to a hospital to flush out the bleach. additional anxiety, cutting and overdosing followed, her struggles with anxiety and cutting herself got worse, and despite guidance and antidepressants, she was rush to hospital once more once associate degree drug.

The last cards aforementioned simply: "I have no one. i would like somebody. My name is Amanda Todd."
Beneath the video, Todd denote a note expression she created it not for attention, however "to be a concept and to indicate that I are often sturdy."

"Everyone's future are going to be bright in some unspecified time in the future, you simply gotta pull through. i am still here, aren't I?"

Coroner McClintock aforementioned she died in her home Wed. Her workplace free no different details.
Her family couldn't be reached by phone. The Coquitlam Royal Canadian Mounted Police aforementioned the family isn't ready to talk publically and have asked that their privacy be revered.

The girl's death was headline news nationwide Fri, with (hashtag) #RIPAmanda trending across Twitter and therefore the Amanda Michelle Todd memorial Facebook page garnering quite thirty,000 "likes."
Cyber-bullying consultants and criminologists recommended laws be strong to permit police to trace cyber bullies through the web.

British Premier Christy Clark denote a video on YouTube deploring the tragedy. Bullying "isn't a ceremony of passage," she said. "Bullying needs to stop."

The British Columbia athletic facility wherever Amanda was a cheerleader denote an announcement on its Facebook page.

"I raise that we have a tendency to all watch her video and share her story in order that her loss isn't vainly," the statement browse. "Allow this to be her inheritance. enable United States of America to any or all leaf through and notice ensuing Amanda before another precious spunky adolescent is lost."

Shock, unhappiness and recriminations poured out on a Facebook page dedicated to her, with one human inculpatory others of getting participated within the bullying.

Irena Pochop, communications manager for the Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows administrative district east of Vancouver, confirmed Amanda was listed within the district and had modified colleges this year.

She wouldn't address the girl's specific case however aforementioned the district had an in depth system in situ to shield victims.